Social Media Promo Package


Stand out on social media with a custom-tailored package. What is included: up to 90 minutes of social media consultation and 9 promotional social media graphics strategically crafted to influence people to take action.

Pay in full for more efficient delivery

How this works

Immediately after purchase, you will be forwarded to a calendar to schedule your first consultation. We will aim for 30-minutes, but 60 minutes may be necessary depending on your goals. We will close the consultation with an agreement on what type of campaign or call-to-action you will be promoting and how that will be represented visually with 3, 6, or 9 social media graphics. The social media graphics will take 1-3 business days per graphic to complete. If 3 or 6 graphics are designed, the remaining graphics will be delivered at a later date, all dependent on your specific goals.