The Urban Youth Multimedia Program is a 22-week program designed for youth 13-18 years old. The program will prepare students for a successful career in media by providing real-world opportunities to create industry-standard content including films, podcasts, graphic designs, and more. Students will learn alongside industry professionals how to use cutting-edge technology to produce their very own feature film. Along the way, students will learn the basics of film production, equipment and lighting, audio, design, and other creative skills that they can apply to their own creative projects or rewarding careers in various forms of media.

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Spring Program 2023

Urban Youth: A Racing Story

Feature Film

Urban Youth: A Racing Story is a heartfelt feature film that tells the story of Jabari, a teenage boy being raised in the rough streets of West Philadelphia. After recently losing his mother to gun violence, Jabari is forced to mature at an early age and his mother’s absence causes anguish between him and his father, Hakim. Jabari’s father tries tirelessly to protect and guide him, but his rebellious nature leads him to street crime. Desperate not to lose his son to the same streets that took his wife, Hakim forces Jabari to attend an after-school program where he can meet and get mentorship from highly accomplished and successful Black men. While attending, Jabari gets inspired by a professional race car driver, giving him his first ray of hope. With a newfound love for professional racing and the continuous pull of street crime from his peer group, Jabari struggles to find his way. Will he ultimately win his race for success or crash and burn into a life of crime?

Rating: PG-13 – The film will address actual issues facing our inner city youth, including gun violence and carjackings, and may be inappropriate for children under 13.


The purpose of this film is twofold. It will highlight the importance of the Urban Youth Racing School and the mentorship opportunities it provides for at-risk youth. And more importantly, this film will serve as a learning opportunity for students of the Urban Youth Multimedia Program to get hands-on experience producing a feature film.

Below you will find the necessary roles we will need to fill with either students or volunteers to bring this independent film and student project to life.

Production Crew

Executive ProducersAnthony Martin & Michelle Martin
ProducerMichael Powers
DirectorTyshan Edwards
Casting Director – Volunteer or Student to be named
Screenwriters – Volunteers and Students to be named
1st AD – Student to be named
2nd AD – Student to be named
Director of Photography – Student to be named
Camera Operators – Students to be named
Line Producer – Student to be named
Set Designer – Student to be named
Production Sound Mixer – Student to be named
Boom Operator – Student to be named
Gaffer – Student to be named
Grip – Student to be named
Editors – Students to be named

Casting Roles

Jabari – 13-15 year-old boy
Main Character, Son

Hakim – 35-40 year-old man
Main Supporting Character, Father

Saniya – 35-40 year-old woman
Supporting Character, Mother

Amira – 13-15 year-old girl
Supporting Character, Jabari’s friend group

Gavin – 13-15 year-old boy
Supporting Character, Jabari’s friend group

Elijah – 13-15 year-old boy
Supporting Character, Jabari’s friend group

Important Dates

Monday, January 2nd, 2023

Last day to submit applications

Friday, January 6th, 2023

Interviews & Casting

Saturday, January 14th, 2023

Interviews & Casting (2nd Round)

Saturday, January 21st, 2023

Spring Program begins
This will be 22-week program meeting every Saturday.
Other dates may be scheduled as film dates if necessary and will be coordinated with parents and students.

If you have any inquiries, questions, or concerns please email the program coordinator

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